Skip to content is 2 years old. In that time we have built the system to attract over 22,000 new users annually. We do this with top-quality, worldwide race information.

Our website is at the top or near the top of Google searches for our industry. Whether it is the umbrella “hard enduro races” that most users search, specific race names, or other industry keywords, we are very visible and growing. Our focus is Google, grabbing web traffic for those searching for Hard Enduro information.

We are extending our successful service to include more local race information, which we believe is best served by someone racing or participating in that area. Therefore, we are seeking plugged-in racers and ambassadors who know their local scene to assist us in spreading the word about their area of Hard Enduro. In return, we offer a platform where you can advertise your own business and/or make a “return” on your time.

The mission of HardEnduroRaces is not to sell content, it is to grow the sport of Hard Enduro by making the information easier to find and more insightful. Our system is race-community focused and as such, all who participate need to get value. Racers get high-quality, reliable information to assist in their competing locally and growing nationally/internationally. Our sponsors access real racers who need and want their products and services. Our team and ambassadors make revenue from their business activities on the platform.

If this sounds like something that interests you, you are driven to win at everything you do and you love Hard Enduro, we want to hear from you.


Paul & Linda Bolton - UK

Paul & Lisa Bolton – UK

Paul Matei – Romania

Josh Schaecher – USA
IRC Extreme East | West

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