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Are You A Hard Enduro Racer? If so, are you interested in contributing to this site with articles, videos, race reviews, event information, and anything else important to hard enduro? If so, read-on!

You’ll notice that the content on this site is edited and managed – it’s not an open “forum”. Sure, we have (moderated) comment sections, but the site content comes from us – and we race hard enduro all-over the world.

We can’t attend (and race) all events and even if we could, it would be pretty one-sided content. We think – no, we know – there are great racers all-over the world with something to say. We have the best place to say it.

For reference, check this race review of King Of Motos, that 22 year old Deegan Newton recently handed in.

We won’t get into the details here suffice it to say, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. We get quality, properly checked and accurate content and you get name recognition. Any privateer knows, this is an important element to getting a ride, and any writer/content creator knows, a byline is it’s own reward.

If this sounds like you, drop us a line.

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