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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.


Vallon de Fontanes, France

Disclaimer: The below info is relative to the 2021 event.

Terrain Description: Forests & small rivers & Rocks

Racetrack Format:

Saturday morning : 1st qualification round for everyone 15’ (enduro test type)

100’s first go to the next selection

Saturday Afternoon: SUPER ENDURO Type Selection  in the city of Alès next to the Gardon river.

Five selection round of 20 riders, 2 semi-final, and a Final (each round 15’)


Red category : National (2 rounds to run)

Pink category : women (2 rounds to run)

Black category : pro ( 3 rounds to run)

Blue category : veteran (2 rounds, aged over 40 only)

Green category : juniors (2 rounds, 14 to 19 years old)

Average Daily Riding Time:

Sunday main race about 8h in average, 3 evolutive laps of 60km,  ( increasing difficulty at each lap). 

Racetrack markings: Spray tape and signs

GPS Mandatory: Not mandatory but recommended. Can be rented

Entry Fee: 180€ in 2020

Championship-Race: Yes, it’s part of the Extreme challenge. Until now it was the final.

Race History: The creation of The 24MX ALESTREM comes from the will of 2 friends, fans of Extreme Enduro, to make a race regarding to what they are, with numerous challenges to face in the Alès basin. Then, since 2015, 6 editions took place with always the same goal : being a unique challenge for everyone who wants to be part of the adventure. In order to allow all people to have fun, this extreme enduro event has several rounds with an increasing level of difficulties. We have 500 riders each year, and in 2020, registration was complete within 2 days.

Normal/Expected Attendance:

Nearest Civilisation: Nearest town is Ales.

Nearest International Airport: Nearest airport is Nimes (30 min by car) ( but there is also. Montpellier – 1h far and Marseille 1h45) 

Rental Motorcycles: Organisers don’t rent bikes but some companies do. Example: LM Racing (Instagram : lm_racing_30)

Race License: NCO or LJA2 licences

Motorcycle Requirements: Must conform to the traffic rules and to the current FFM rules (FIM certified and catalogued tire at the back wheel).

Setting up a strap at the front of the motorbike is compulsory.

WW and W garage license plates motorbikes are not allowed.

Typical Weather: Cold Sunny, as it’s on winter

Sightseeing: Hiking, bowling, escape game, cinema, trampoline, soccer…

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