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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.

Arsenal Park, Rnd. 1


Costesti, Romania

The information about this race was provided by our Romanian ambassador, Paul Matei.

This race is organised by CLUB SPORTIV EXTREM MOTORS ORASTIE and is the first round of Romania Hard Enduro Championship.
Location: Costesti, DJ705A 6, Hunedoara, Romania

More Info:

Foreign competitors must have a valid international enduro license issued by FIM / FIM-Europe (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme)or a valid national enduro license issued by the national motorcycle federation in their country, both accompanied by the national motorcycle start permit of their country (the document called Rider Start Permission)

Romanian competitors must have a valid hard-enduro license issued by FRM (Romanian Motorcycle Federation). Romanian competitors who do not have any license can purchase from the Competition Secretariat the hard-enduro license issued by FRM valid only for the Arsenal Hard Enduro competition. The price of this license is EUR 15 per competitor. If the Romanian competitors want the license only for this race but also want to score in the National Hard-Enduro Championship of Romania, the price of this license is 25 EUR per competitor.

The race format is:

  • Day 1 prologue/qualifications, approximately 10-15 km track that decides the start of each class on the next day. The start of the prologue will depend on the contest number received upon registration
  • Day 2 hard enduro track with an approximate length of 75 km
  • Day 3 hard enduro track with an approximate length of 60 km
  • The winner of each class will be the one with the shortest total cumulative time in 3 days.

This race has 5 classes:

  • HOBBY – the hobby class route is a route that requires minimal experience in hard enduro. There will be climbs and descents on the route specific to the beginner level, rivers, forest roads.
  • GIRLS – follow the same track as the hobby class.
  • EXPERT – to participate in this class you need a good physical condition and specific hard enduro technique, the climbs are of medium to high difficulty, straight full gas climbs, climbs with roots and stones, tziki tzaki, long rivers with big stones and waterfalls
  • VETERANS – this class will follow the same route as the Expert class. People over 45 can participate in this class.
  • PRO – to participate in this class you need a very good physical condition and advanced hard enduro technique. The track in this class is a very difficult route, comparable to those in the hard enduro races of the world championship.

The terrain at this race is varied, from black soil of deciduous forest, stone, clayey soil in some parts.
For this race we recommend tires with super soft compound, Michelin Extreme, Metzeler super soft, Mitas double green for classes: PROS, EXPERTS, VETERANS
For the HOBBY and GIRLS Classes you can successfully use the same type of tires as PRO, EXPERT or a medium type tire, Michelin Enduro Medium, Mitas One Green, etc.

How do we get here?
The most convenient and simple way to get to this race is by car or plane. If you want to come by plane, the nearest ones international airports are: Timisoara 196 km, Sibiu 130 km, Cluj-Napoca 170 km operated by companies such as WizzAir, Lufthansa, Ryanair, HiSky and many others
which have flights from several European cities and beyond.

Cotiso guesthouse: here is also the registration base.
Sargetia cabin:
Complex Dar:
Pension Inima Daciai:
Casa Diana:
Sarmis cabin:

The nearest cities are Hunedoara, Deva, Orastie which each have at least one tourist objective worth visiting. In Hunadoara you can visit the Corvinor Castle:,
one of the most beautiful castles you can visit in Romania, 14 km from here is the town of Deva, which is also an attraction has Deva Citadel: If you are adrenaline lovers, I think you are if you like hard enduro races, you can go to Orastie at Arsenal Park:, which has an Adventure Park, Aqua Park, Restaurant and many other activities.

Disclaimer: Always do your own research if planning on attending this race, as the info we provided could be wrong or out-dated

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