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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.

Extreme Charge

Kolochava, Ukraine

Disclaimer: The below info is relative to the 2021 event.

Terrain Description: Carpathian mountains. It is a mixed forest and mountain rivers. Clay soil, earth under fallen leaves. Rocks on the slopes and fallen trees. This is wild nature visiting bears.

Racetrack Format: Day One Prologue. The track is 15-25 km long. Country cross style. An obstacle course is possible. Start on one participant. The result affects the start position of the second day of the “Hard race”, and the Prologue time is summed up with the time of the next day.

Second day of “Hard race”. It takes place in hard enduro style. The start is common for all participants. This race is divided into four classes, depending on the difficulty of the course. Hard class, difficult track, without the possibility of bypassing special sections, with the exception of the “Super hard” section.

Class “Medium” and “Legend” is the same track as “Hard”, but all special sections are allowed. Passage in the Super Hard section is not allowed. The “Light” class is a separate track without difficult sections, designed for beginner riders. The race lasts 4 hours, during this time you need to collect the maximum number of points. Points are awarded for passing special sections and intermediate check points.

The result of each rider is primarily influenced by the number of points, and secondly, the time spent to obtain points. According to the results of “Hard race” the first three places in each class are awarded.

The third day “Long race”. The track is 60-80 km long. The complexity of the track from simple to difficult. Separate start, with an interval of 30 sec. between the riders. The starting position depends on the results of the “Hard race”. The first to start are participants of the “Hard” class according to the rating. Second class “Medium”, then “Legend” and the last to start are participants of class “Light”. The participant is given six hours to complete this route. The rating of the participants is determined immediately at the finish line without any calculations. This makes it possible to correctly determine the rating of each rider. If the driver did not manage to reach the finish line, his place in the rating is determined by his location on the track. Throughout the track there are check points for fixing the riders. At the end, all riders are divided into three categories Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each participant receives the award according to the category in which he fell.

When creating Extreme charge, I didn’t want to repeat after someone else. I have always listened to myself as an athlete and took into account the wishes of other riders. I created a race different from the others. This is what all Extreme charge participants need.

Categories: 4 categories: Hard, medium, legend (45+), light.

Average Daily Riding Time: The first day is about an hour, the second day is 4 hours, the third day is not more than 6 hours.

Racetrack markings: All tracks will be marked with tape, paint and additional signs.

GPS Mandatory: In this race, we will use GPS sensors to monitor the participants. You can also use your own navigation, it will be useful on the third day of the “Long Race”

Championship-Race: Extreme charge is part of the hard enduro series of Ukraine (HESU), but at the same time it is an absolutely independent race.

Race History: The first race was held in 2018 – 73 riders took part. n 2019, the race took place on the same dates. The number of participants was 149 riders. In 2020, the race took place on August 21, 22, 23. The number of participants was 191 riders.

Normal/Expected Attendance: In 2020, there were 191 participants.

Nearest Civilization: In 2021, this will take place near the village of Kolochava. Nearest town Mizhhirya

Nearest International Airport: Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk

Rental Motorcycles: No.

Race License: We do not require any license. We allow everyone to participate in the race, we only take a small amount of money for this, which is necessary to organize this race.

Motorcycle Conditions:

Typical Weather: The time of the year and the place was not chosen with ease. There is little rain and warmth in this place in August. The soil in the mountains is always wet, which means there is little dust and good wheel grip. This time of year the Carpathians are very good for hard enduro.

Sightseeing: This place strongly emphasises the ethnic culture of the local population. It is very quiet and cozy here, there is a lot of nature. This time of year is warm and not very hot. All families come and have a rest while the men enjoy their favorite business.

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