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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.


Divčibare, Serbia

Not Yet Scheduled

Next Race: Awaiting 2023 information.

Disclaimer: The below info is relative to the 2021 event. We hope to soon receive updated information with regards to the 2023 event.

Terrain Description: Deciduous and coniferous forest are common parts without open-air forest, the substrate is a mixture of rock and dry soil, there is more rock than the soil in the mix.

Racetrack Format: Prologue 2 the times of both circuits add up – prologue 2x2km, 1st day 35km, 2nd day 35km. This year’s Divcibare race will be modified at the beginning with a longer prologue and two lap measurements, the first enduro day is shorter and harder for all categories than last year, the pro class week may get a slight change, while the expert gets a harder detail and rides one round instead of two, the hobby remained the same as last year.

Categories: 6 categories: pro/expert/hobby (women, juniors, veterans)

Average Daily Riding Time:

Racetrack markings:

GPS Mandatory:  Yes (is optional)

Entry Fee: 60 Euro.

Championship-Race: Yes, Serbian Championship.

Race History:

Normal/Expected Attendance: up to 100 riders.

Nearest Civilisation:

Nearest International Airport:

Rental Motorcycles:

Race License:

Motorcycle Requirements:

Typical Weather:


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