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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.


Yeongdong-gun, Korea, Republic of

Disclaimer: The below info is relative to the 2021 event.

Terrain Description:

Racetrack Format:


Average Daily Riding Time:

Racetrack markings:

GPS Mandatory: Main race only GPS. Small races has checkpoints, no GPS.

Entry Fee: Main Event 280US$ Small Event 170US$.

Championship-Race: We are holding an integrated championship competition in conjunction with Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Sakhalin, Russia. However, due to Corona 19, it has been postponed indefinitely.

Race History: 2017 was the first year.

Normal/Expected Attendance:

Korea 100 – 150 riders.

Russians 5 – 10 riders.

China 10 – 15 riders.

Taiwan 5 – 10 riders.

Nearest Civilisation: Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

Nearest International Airport: It is close to Daegu International Airport, but not far from Incheon International Airport, the largest in the world.

Rental Motorcycles: Yes.

Race License: Anyone can partipate.

Motorcycle Conditions:

Typical Weather: The weather is very good.

Sightseeing: Korea is a small country, and you can go anywhere in the country in one day. It is a very beautiful country and a safe 24 hours a day.

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