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Note: the location indicated is not necessarily the race HQ, hotel or track. It is intended as an indication of the general vicinity of the race. For more information, please contact the race promoters/organizers.

King Of Motos


Yucca Valley, California United States

Confirmed: 2021

Next Race: February 2nd 2021 and it’s confirmed (1 day).

Terrain Description: Mixture of Rocks and Desert

Racetrack Format: This year it will be a multi-lap format. One track with checkpoints and as many laps as can be done within a set time period. Two races, one morning and one afternoon, same format for both.

Categories: 1 category: King of the Motos racer.

Average Daily Riding Time: 5 – 7 hours.

Racetrack markings: Race Course is marked in very few spots to aid in any difficult GPS spots. 

GPS Mandatory: The use of GPS is mandatory to race KoM.

Entry Fee: $150 early registration $150 transponder fees

Championship-Race: Not this year.

Race History: The race began in 2011 and only skipped 2019, so 9 events total.

Normal/Expected Attendance: 100 – 125.

Nearest Civilisation: Yucca Valley is 20 miles away, and the race is in Johnson Valley.

Nearest International Airport: PSP Palm Springs

Rental Motorcycles: Yes.

Race License: AMA racing license and it is preferred that it is bought beforehand

Motorcycle Conditions: The bikes should be registered and insured but no need for road legal. 

Typical Weather: The weather can change rapidly in the desert, normally cool. In 2018 the day went from cold, to warm, to windy rain and light snow, then back to warm!

Sightseeing: King of the Hammers offers a full town on location to get food and sightsee all the vendors, also Big Bear and Joshua tree are within 45 minutes.

Disclaimer: The above info is supplied directly by the organisers on January 3rd 2021. However, always make sure to do your own research if planning on attending this race, as the info could be out-dated.

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