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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.

Maze Runner

Sundre, Canada

Disclaimer: The below info was supplied directly by the organisers relative to the 2021 event.

Updated info list. 


Entry Fee: $100 Canadian. $10 Refund for USABLE GoPro Footage.

Terrain Description: Half the course is flowy fast awesome single track with tough hill-climbs and descents. The Other half is fairly technical Expert Level Terrain with Rocks larger than cars and extremely steep hills and descents. High-siding will not be good in any way. There is Friend Zone Hill, which has its name for a reason, be kind.

IMPORTANT: All Racers – You are in Grizzly Bear Country.

PREWALK – Not allowed, Complete 4k Video Footage will be available prior to event for review and Planning.

Racetrack Format: 
GOLD 2 Laps 50km+ Gold Hard Enduro – 2 Laps
Pack – Emergency Blanket, Large Garbage bag, Whistle, Matches, Energy Bar, Pocketknife

Silver – Finish is when Gold Leader Finishes 2nd Lap
Bronze – 50km+Hard Enduro 1 Lap
Iron – 14+ / Vet40+ (intermediate & under) – 50KM XC Course with Easy Hard Enduro Sections

Categories: GOLD, Silver, Bronze, Vet40+, Iron. Team Gold, Team Silver
Team Classes must Enter and Leave all checks Together.

Average Riding Time: 3-6 Hours.

Racetrack markings: The Track will use a unique ribbon and KM markers, along with Mandatory Checks both Manned and Unmanned. Unless otherwise discussed, missing ANY check will be either a disqualification or a severe time penalty.

GPS Mandatory: NO GPS ALLOWED – Using or having a GPS on you while racing, walking/riding the course prior to the event or otherwise is an immediate disqualification. Racers are to follow RIBBONS/MARKINGS and SIGNS, not trails or previous race courses, Varying from the markings, or gates by a few feet can have severe consequences. Additionally if any racer is found on any of our trail cameras or Tracking equipment prior to the event, they will be disqualified from racing or face a severe time penalty.

Championship-Race: To be Announced.

Race History: 2018 was the first official event with Hard Enduro, in 2019 We needed a break as our crew put on 3 large Cross Country Events every year, for over 10 years and were quite burned out.
2021 Race was going to Happen however 3 Month Drought and Fires in Area shut that down.

Normal/Expected Attendance: 150-200 Racers. (30-50 Gold Riders)

Nearest Civilization/Shop: Sundre Alberta is the Closest City With a Hotel and Services, Edson a Larger town is only 30min From there. The race site is 45min From the cities. Mountains Edge sundre Closest Yamaha/Sherco Shop.
Red Deer Alberta – KTM Dealer

Nearest International Airport: Calgary is about 2.5hr and 180KM from the race site, with about 40km being gravel. 3Hrs from Edmonton Alberta .

Rental Motorcycles: To be Announced

Race License: $100 Flat Fee Includes Entry

Motorcycle Conditions: All bikes must be registered and insured, We do the paperwork to ensure lights are not required for the event only.

Typical Weather: Always sunny and 20c. Joking aside, In august the “average” is 10-15C in day with the odd showers. However its not uncommon for a blizzard to happen in Mid July or August with a monsoon 2 day rain storm prior. If it rains or snows for the event, Good luck I guess?


A: The race itself isolated in mountains, we will have spectating areas close that will incorporate as much as possible. The Extreme Hard Enduro Section is quite a ways from camp, due to logistics we cant get the average foot traffic there, YET, However we plan to have extensive Camera Coverage on the fun sections that we can bring back to camp.

West 45min of the race is a large government horse ranch and area with amazing scenery and walks with waterfalls. If coming from eastern Canada. Stop by the Torrington Gopher Museum. Its the best $2 you can spend for a cheap laugh, dont put the gopher head on.

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