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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.

Sisu Extreme


Sastamala, Finland

Disclaimer: The below info is relative to the 2021 event.

Terrain Description: Stony hills and rocky paths included easier slalom slopes.

Racetrack Format: Difficult GNCC route, approximately 10 km. A level  could be silverclass of Romaniacs

Categories: 2 categories: A general class and team class.

Average Daily Riding Time: The prolog is only 20 min. The main race is 5 hours. The first SISU 2020 winner rode 7 laps.

Racetrack markings: The whole track is marked by tape.

GPS Mandatory: No GPS.

Entry Fee: It will be between 70€ and 100€.

Championship-Race: It may be the part of North European or Scandinavian Extreme cup.

Race History: 2020 was the first in history. About 1500 spectators was on the race area. Sisu means finish willpower.

Normal/Expected Attendance: In spite of Corona, 82 riders took place in the race.

Nearest Civilisation: Ellivuori Ski Center (race area) is located in Sastamala. The big city Tampere is 60 km away.

Nearest International Airport: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport 200 km.

Rental Motorcycles: Not yet, but perhaps will be.

Race License: A licence is mandatory. It is possible to get from SML (Motor Federation of Finland).

Motorcycle Conditions: Has to be insured, but not registered or road legal. Motocross bike is okay too.

Typical Weather: About 15-20 degrees. 2020 Sisu was sunny;

Sightseeing: All of these are in Ellivuori. The press officer of Sisu, Mr. Jussi Huhtanen will send more details.

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