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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.

Tennessee Knock Out


Sequatchie, United States

Disclaimer: The below info is relative to the 2021 event.

Terrain Description: Mud and slippery rocks – forest – rocks.

Racetrack Format: Prologue qualifying day for amateur riders, August 14 is the amateur racing day and August 15 is the Top Expert race day, including the 30 amateurs from Saturday’s racing. The prologue on Friday afternoon sets the rider row assignments for Saturday races.  Prologue is a short course with minor obstacles.  First race Saturday is approximately 20 mile course with dirt hills, rocks, boulders and other obstacles.  Sunday’s race starts with a Hot Lap which determines the starting order of the first long race.  The first long race is a 2 hour race on the same type of terrain and the fastest 25 riders within the time limit will advance to the next race.  The second long race is again 2 hours on the same course with some skills section added; the fastest 15 riders will compete in the last race (Main).  The Main has the fastest 15 riders from the second long race and riders will race 30 minutes, plus one lap.  The fastest three riders receive the TKO awards. The system noted above will be the same basic system in 2021; I’m not yet aware of any changes, however with TKO being part of the FIM Hard Enduro Championship, the format is subject to change.

Categories: In the past, we have not had classes.

Average Daily Riding Time: For the prologue race on Friday, riders will have a timed race to set their rider row assignment for the first race on Saturday morning.  The fastest times are typically 4 to 5 minutes. The first race on Saturday morning, riders have 2.5 hours to finish the first race, where the fastest 50% of starters within the time limit will advance to the second race on Saturday afternoon.  The second race, on Saturday afternoon, riders will have a 2 hour time limit.  For the Amateur riders on Saturday, the fastest riders often complete each loop around 1 to 1.5 hours. The fastest 30 finishers within the time limit will have the option to advance into Sunday’s races. Sundays racing includes four rounds of racing: Prologue, TKO1 cuts to the top 25, TKO2 cuts to top 15 and TKO final with the top fifteen riders.

Racetrack markings: We use sponsor tape, arrows and markers

GPS Mandatory: We do not use GPS at TKO

Championship-Race: Yes, the past few years, the TKO has been the AMA Grand National Championship for Extreme Off-Road and Number 1 places have been awarded. (editor: the race is also part of the FIM Hard Enduro Championship 2021).

Race History: The first TKO was held August 27 – 28 2011 weekend; 2020 was the 10th Annual TKO.

Normal/Expected Attendance: 400 – 450.

Nearest Civilisation: We are in Sequatchie TN and the nearest town outside of Sequatchie is Jasper TN or Whitwell TN

Nearest International Airport: Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.

Rental Motorcycles: Yes.

Race License: In previous TKO events, only an AMA membership was required, however, with the FIM involved, I don’t know exactly what will be required at this time.

Motorcycle Conditions: No street license is required but riders must be 16 years of age and older to race.

Typical Weather: Hot, humid and the chance of rain is likely

Sightseeing: TKO is a spectator friendly event.  If you check out the Jasper Chamber of Commerce or Tennessee Tourism websites, there are many local sightseeing options.

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