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Note: the location indicated is not necessarily the race HQ, hotel or track. It is intended as an indication of the general vicinity of the race. For more information, please contact the race promoters/organizers.



Baños, Ecuador

Confirmed: 2021

Next Race: May 12 – 16 2021 (4 days, including 1 day of “riding with the pros).

Terrain Description: Mud, high mountains (no trees), forests and small rivers, rocks.

Racetrack Format: Day 1 is a prologue for the riders to qualify for the second day. Day 2 is navigation day and Day 3 is a circuit track with a set number of laps to be done relative to each category. It’s similar to the Romaniacs format.

Categories: 4 categories: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Average Daily Riding Time: Between 5-6 hours.

Racetrack markings: Yes, there will be places with markings of tape and signs.

GPS Mandatory: For one of the racedays it’s mandatory.

Entry Fee: Depends on what package the rider picks.

Championship-Race: No, but I’d like to unite Titans Hard Enduro (COL), El Inka (PER) and Machete (DR) to form a south American Hard Enduro Championship

Race History: It started in 2019 and in 2020 it was cancelled due to the pandemic. We are hoping to make the race at the end of March this year.

Normal/Expected Attendance: It’s only been held once so far, and in it’s first edition 43 riders entered.

Nearest Civilisation: Baños de Agua Santa.

Nearest International Airport: MARISCAL SUCRE in Quito (capital of the country).

Rental Motorcycles: Yes.

Race License: No.

Motorcycle Conditions: All welcome.

Typical Weather: You can have all types of weather in one day.

Sightseeing: The city where we do the race is one of the most touristic in Ecuador, there are thousands of activities in the area. It’s super friendly for the entire family.

Disclaimer: The above info is supplied directly by the organisers on January 3rd 2021. However, always make sure to do your own research if planning on attending this race, as the info could be out-dated.

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