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Note: Map indicates general vicinity of the race, not exact location. All information on this site is subject to your direct confirmation with race organizers.

New This Year

Valley’s Extreme


Swansea, United Kingdom

Terrain Description: Mixture, Hard Pack, Steep Hiils, Mud, River Beds, Fire Roads 

Racetrack Format: 3 Races over the weekend, 2hr Adventure easy race, AM 2hr or 2 lap Extreme Race, 3hr or 3 lap Extreme Race with 3rd lap havin

Categories: Xtreme Races have NO Classes just AM or PM races, see how far you get

Average Daily Riding Time:

Racetrack markings: Tape and Arrows

GPS Mandatory:

Entry Fee: around £100 yes early bird discounts

Championship-Race: No.

Race History: This event has been running for 10 years now

Normal/Expected Attendance: 500+

Nearest Civilisation: Swansea

Nearest International Airport: Cardiff

Rental Motorcycles: There are companies in the UK that rent bikes out

Race License: at the moment just need a IOPD licence which you can get on the day for £15

Motorcycle Requirements: NO anything goes, any bike, any tyres etc, we do have scrutineering but just a quick look over 

Typical Weather: Its Winter for us so will be cold and could be wet anything from 5 to 10 

Overnight parking: Yes free for riders 

Sightseeing: loads its waterfall and cave country

Disclaimer: Always do your own research if planning on attending this race, as the info we provided could be wrong or out-dated

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