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Note: the location indicated is not necessarily the race HQ, hotel or track. It is intended as an indication of the general vicinity of the race. For more information, please contact the race promoters/organizers.

Extreme XL Lagares


Oporto, Portugal

Confirmed: 2021

Next Race: May 7 – 9 2021 (3 days).

Terrain Description: The race is held in an area that has some terrain changes, but is mostly known for some dry river beds, al a very particular kind of rock that has almost no traction

Racetrack Format: First day its a endurocross race that will count for the starting of the main race. Second day, is the famous city prologue, held in Porto, by the river. The time of the prologue will add to the time of the endurocross, and it will determine the starting order. Day tre is mais race day. A loop of 90km of true hard enduro.

Categories: 5 race categories: Pro; Expert; Veterans; Amateurs and XL 

Average Daily Riding Time: Main race will have aproximatly 5 hours. 

Racetrack markings: The track will marked by plastic tape

GPS Mandatory: No, not this year.

Entry Fee: Until April 15th the price is 300€, from April 15th to May 1st it’s 350€.


Race History: First year was 2004. One race a year since then, except 2007 and 2020. This year its the 16th edition.

Normal/Expected Attendance: Every year we have a riders limit, and we always get to that number. truth is that the limit is always growing, and this year its limited to 400 riders.

Nearest Civilisation: Paddock is in Vila Nova de Gaia… its separated from Oporto by a river. First day, endurocross race is in the paddock area. City prologue is held in Oporto, less than 0,5 km away from the paddock. Main race is held in the woods about 20km from the city

Nearest International Airport: Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro is the nearest one, its in Oporto area and is 15km from the city

Rental Motorcycles: Yes.

Race License: The Pro riders must have license, all the other riders that have national licenses must have start permission. 

Motorcycle Conditions: Not necessary. Bikes must be enduro bikes, or similar, tires must be FIM, DOT or E. no trial bikes and no trial tires

Typical Weather: Normally its 20 Celcius, and normally no rain. 

Sightseeing: The city of Oporto as won the international Turism destination more than once, so plenty to see with the wife/famally. We recomend all riders to stay a few days after the race, to get to know the area.

Disclaimer: The above info is supplied directly by the organisers on January 11th 2021. However, always make sure to do your own research if planning on attending this race, as the info could be out-dated.

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