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by Peter Weiss

So what is Heniu Hard Enduro?

Heniu is the name of the mountains where the race unfolds. The highest point is approximately 1600meters and it’s a very beautiful area. The nearest civilisation is called Prundu Bârgăului.

Heniu Hard Enduro is a 3 day race with 3 different categories (A, B & C). The entry fee was 90euro/450lei (local currency). It’s one of the regional hard enduros.

My friend Nicolaj participated in Expert and he did approximately 15, 40 and 25 kilometers on the 3 days.

Accommodation-wise we showed up in Prundu Bargaului expecting to book something the day before the race, but to out surprise, almost everything was sold out. There were nearly 200 riders and they had long absorbed all the vacant rooms before us. Luckily, one place still had room for us. Otherwise, we would have had to sleep in Bistrita, the neighbour big city.

Here are the videos I made from the race:

Also, they have their own website:

And to see the romanian race calendar:

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