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by Magnus Beck

Norseman Extreme Challenge takes place in a forest in Norway. A beautiful scenery with alot of rocks and slippery roots. The race offers two classes Hobby and Pro. If you want to compete in the Nordic Hard enduro Championship you have to sign up in Pro. The prologue and race is on the same day. The prologue is fairly short around 3-4 minutes. My last prologue was not great, after the first turn I hit a tire obstacle and bent my gearshifter so I had to ride the rest in 1st gear, which my Beta wasnt happy about. The race track is around 10 kilometers with a lot of obstacles with few to no breaks in between. You have 4 hours to do as many laps as possible. Last year my race wasnt very great either. In the first lap a bit further than the halfway point, I came to a rock obstacle I had to decent from, but my rear tyre got caught in between the big rocks and the bike threw my across the bar head first onto the ground. When trying to soften the fall I dislocated my shoulder and hit my thigh hard. Luckily the raceorganisers had ambulances on side and help came fast. I like the Nordic Extreme Cup races very much since they test your abilities on the bike aswell as every single muscle in your body and head in a controlled “safe” area. It is possible to stay overnight on raceside the night before raceday.

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