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After finding your next Hard Enduro Race, your next step is probably getting your bike ready and sorting out the logistics. Also, you might want to consider getting yourself in shape and hone your technical skills.

Peter Weiss, one of the guys behind HardEnduroRaces.Com, happens to be an experienced Hard Enduro coach. Peter has a combined 26 years of experience in Trials, Motocross, Classic Enduro and off course Hard Enduro. Since 2010, Peter has been coaching around the world, attended multiple races, discovered endless tracks, organised international events etc. – first 6 years with RedBull Romaniacs, then 6+ years in different Latin America countries. Peter has coached in 20+ countries and 1,000+ riders of all nationalities and levels.

Peter recently logged his best ever results in 2020 with a win in the Silver Class at RedBull Romaniacs as well as a 7th at Sea2Sky in Turkey. He’s not exactly a past, current or future world champion material in Hard Enduro racing – but has more often than not been recognised as one of the best and most attentive Hard Enduro coaches worldwide.

If you want to get in touch with Peter, then feel free to hit him up and start coordinating a riding school or private clinic where you live.

Peter normally travels out to roughly 10 international races annually (either as a racer or organiser), so there’s a good chance he might be around at of the races you would go to – so don’t hesitate to contact him, if you see/hear him coming!

Connect with Peter:

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