Skip to content is a website dedicated to the promotion, marketing and growth of our sport. It is our way of adding value to the sport as well as supplying information we feel was missing or hard to find.

There are races and events all over the world for racers to compete in. Racers come in all shapes and sizes, ages, and abilities. Remember, you’re a hard enduro racer the second you enter your first race!

We wanted there to be an easy way that professional and amateur racers could find new races to attend and compete in. We want there to be a resource where you can find a race, discover all the details, perhaps rent a bike, or find services you need in order to compete. We’ve got a long way there with research and industry knowledge, but it is our greatest hope that the community (that’s you) join-in and help us with information on races and events. Quality comments, contacts, and help is always appreciated.

Even if you’re not a pro or amateur rider, spectators and fans are essential to the sport and we wanted to make sure they had information and resources to follow as well. We’re here for you too!

So, who could put together such a resource? You need a professional racer who knows the industry upside and down for sure. You also need someone handy with website tech who loves the sport. Check!

Peter Weiss is a professional hard enduro rider and coach. He has competed in hard enduro events for over a decade. He won the Silver Class at Romaniacs in 2020 and finished 7th at Sea to Sky the same year. He designs courses, coaches and assists in events globally.

Peter works on the content for this site as well as being the liaison with event organizers. He’s the enduro pro in the team.

Andy Boundy is a website “guy”, having owned and operated a website design company in Canada for over 20 years. Along with Peter’s content, Andy ensures the site is easy to use, flows the information correctly to the user and everything works as needed. He’s the tech guy in the group.

Peter can work a computer pretty well for a pro motorcycle racer. Andy falls-off his bike a lot but he tries. Peter will be attending races and events “everywhere” in 2021. Andy’s hoping to compete (at 50) in his first HE in 2021 – so let’s see how all that goes!

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