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Note: the location indicated is not necessarily the race HQ, hotel or track. It is intended as an indication of the general vicinity of the race. For more information, please contact the race promoters/organizers.



Sadu, Romania

Confirmed: 2021

When is the next race: 15 May 2021 (1 day)

Terrain description: Uphills and downhills in the forest

Racetrack format: Extreme hard enduro race (the hardest 1 day contest in Romania).

Categories: 4 categories:

There are 4 classes (PRO, Veterans, Expert, Hobby Extreme). The difference between the classes is the number of uphills and downhills:

  • class Pro – approx. 10 km, 9 uphills, 9 downhills
  • class Expert and Veterans – approx. 5 km, 4 uphills, 4 downhills
  • class Hobby Extreme – approx. 2,5 km 2 uphills, 2 downhills

Average daily riding time: around 2 hours for the first rider from Pro class on dry ground; around 1,5 hours for the first riders from Veterans and Expert; around 40 minute for the first rider from Hobby Extreme.

How are the racetracks marked: with KTM tapes and signs and a lot of CPs. 

Is GPS mandatory: No

How much is the entry fee: 250 lei if paid until 20. March and 350 lei after this date.

Is it a championship race: Yes, in the Romanian Central Regional Hard Enduro Championship.

Race history: It’s the 6. edition in this format (over 9 other 3 days long races organised before)

Normal/expected attendance: 80-100 riders

Nearest civilisation: Sibiu, the city of Romaniacs.

Nearest international airport: Sibiu airport

Are there rental motorcycles: Yes

Race license requirements: A valid international enduro license issued by FIM/FIM-Europe (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) or a valid national enduro license issued by their home national motorcycling federation, both accompanied by the written start permission issued by their home national motorcycling federation (the document called Rider Start Permission). IF you don’t have any kind of license should get written release permission issued by their home national motorcycling federation (the document called Rider Release) in order to purchase a one race hard-enduro license issued by FRM (Romanian Motorcycling Federation) on spot.

Motorcycle requirements: all motorcycles

Typical weather: 10-20 degrees, depending if it rains or not

Sightseeing: big dam Gatul Berbecului, Village Sadu.

Disclaimer: The above info is supplied directly by the organisers on March 18th 2021. However, always make sure to do your own research if planning on attending this race, as the info could be out-dated.

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