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Note: the location indicated is not necessarily the race HQ, hotel or track. It is intended as an indication of the general vicinity of the race. For more information, please contact the race promoters/organizers.

The Nightmare


Winchester, United States

Confirmed: 2021

Next Race: May 15th 2021

Terrain Description: Rocky ravines, creekbeds, mud, roots, ledges

Racetrack Format: The Nightmare is our premiere night race, you start in the evening and race into the night. The format is a mix of Erzberg/ Romaniacs and GNCC – multiple laps and multiple checks. We have different lines for Gold/ Silver vs. Bronze/ Iron. A pro rider will get multiple laps in. But other riders might not get to do multiple laps – every rider tries to reach as many checks as possible in the 3 hours race period.

Categories: Gold, Silver (16-34y/ 35+y), Bronze (16-34y/ 35+y), Iron

Average Daily Riding Time:  3 hour race time

Racetrack markings: The course is marked with arrows and tape. Additionally there are signs announcing upcoming checks and splits for the more advanced Gold/ Silver and scaled down Bronze/ Iron tracks.

GPS Mandatory: No.

Entry Fee: $70.00 (57.00 Euro)

Championship-Race: Yes, the SEER Championship

Race History: The Nightmare at Hale Mountain. The name is inspired by the race location, Hale Mountain, which sounds like Hell. Having to find your way in the dark, and trying to make it through difficult sections during this hard enduro is very challenging. Since this race is a night race, riders might feel like being in a nightmare. This race took place for its first time in 2020. A hurricane system dumped lots of bad weather in the area, and made it a true nightmare for racers and volunteers alike! 2021 is the second year of the event.

Normal/Expected Attendance: About 100-120

Nearest Civilisation: Winchester in Tennessee (20 minutes)

Nearest International Airport: Huntsville International Airport (HSV) – 40 miles/ 60 km and Nashville International Airport – 115 miles/ 185 km

Rental Motorcycles: Sorry, there is no company close by

Race License: No.

Motorcycle Requirements: No.

Typical Weather: The South-East in May is usually pretty warm during the day (ave 78 F/ 26 C) and nights are fairly warm (ave 56 F/ 13 C). Usually it feels like summer during the day since the humidity is high. Racing at night is perfect since the temperatures drop down some. 

Sightseeing: Huntsville in Alabama is a very outdoorsy and family friendly city, 45 minutes from the race site. They have a cool Space and Rocket Center, a Botanical Garden with play areas for kids, a State Park called Monte Sano with a large playground and a Japanese garden, several nice greenways (one is along the Tennessee river), and an attractive downtown area with delicious coffee shops and a museum (including a kids area).

Disclaimer: The above info is NOT supplied by the organisers and was provided by us at Hard Enduro Races on January 17th 2021. Always do your own research if planning on attending this race, as the info we provided could be out-dated)

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